Navigating the West: George Caleb Bingham and the River

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Navigating the West: George Caleb Bingham and the River opens next week at the Amon Carter Museum of American Art. The exhibition features paintings and drawings by American artist George Caleb Bingham, whose iconic works reveal the cultural and economic significance of the massive Mississippi and Missouri waterways to mid-nineteenth-century society.  

Bingham moved to Missouri as a child and began painting scenes of Missouri life in the 1840s. His paintings of the workingmen of western America brought him fame in New York exhibition venues and collections around the country. By creating a sense of everyday life on the inland rivers, he developed an original approach that garnered recognition and appreciation all over the country.

Marquand Books produced the 200-page exhibition catalogue for Navigating the West, which was designed by Patrick Dooley and features contributions from Nenette Luarca-Shoaf, Claire Barry, Nancy Heugh, Elizabeth Mankin Kornhauser, Dorothy Mahon, Andrew J. Walker, and Janeen Turk. Over 174 illustrations, including Bingham’s sketches and infrared images of his paintings, help explore the artist’s work and creative process.

The exhibition will be on view at the Amon Carter through January 18, 2015, after which it will travel to the Saint Louis Art Museum and the Metropolitan Museum of Art. To purchase copies of the catalogue, visit Yale University Press.




Photography by Meghann Ney

Roger Shimomura: An American Knockoff

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This week the Museum of Art at Washington State University opens Roger Shimomura: An American Knockoff, a survey exhibition of work by American painter and printmaker Roger Shimomura.  

Shimomura was born in Seattle in 1939 and from an early age experienced the mixed messages that come from being Japanese American. In 1942, he and his family were interned at Camp Minidoka in Hunt, Idaho. This experience laid the foundation for a body of work that explores the sociopolitical issues of being Asian in America. For his series An American Knockoff, Shimomura uses iconic American imagery and colorful pop art style to confront Japanese stereotypes.

Marquand Books produced the 64-page catalogue for An American Knockoff, which was designed by John Hubbard and features more than twenty color illustrations of Shimomura’s work. The book includes an essay on Shimomura and an interview with the artist, both by Anne Collins Goodyear, co-director of the Bowdoin College Museum of Art. WSU Museum of Art director Chris Bruce provides the introduction. The book is distributed by the University of Washington Press.

An American Knockoff will be on view at WSU’s Museum of Art through December 13, 2014. To purchase copies of the book, visit the University of Washington Press.



David Lynch: The Unified Field

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We are pleased to share our most recent project for the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts (PAFA), the catalogue for their upcoming exhibition, David Lynch: The Unified Field. Acclaimed for his work as a filmmaker, Lynch began his creative career as a painting student at PAFA. Since that time, alongside his more widely known films, he has continued his work as a visual artist, creating a large body of paintings, photographs, prints, and drawings. The show, the first major American survey of Lynch’s work, brings together close to ninety works of art from the past five decades, including early works that have never been publicly displayed.

Along with the exhibition of paintings and drawings, PAFA will also be screening several early films created while Lynch was still living in Philadelphia. In addition, the Philadelphia Film Society will be screening every feature film by Lynch, in partnership with the exhibition.

David Lynch: The Unified Field was produced by Marquand Books and published by Philadelphia Academy of the Fine Arts in association with the University of California Press. Susan E. Kelly designed and typeset the 160-page catalogue, which includes an overview essay by PAFA senior curator Robert Cozzolino.

The exhibition opens September 13 and runs through January 11, 2015. For more information, visit the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts. To purchase a copy of the catalogue, visit the University of California Press.


Photography by Jeremy Linden

Lee Krasner & Norman Lewis

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Opening next Friday at the Jewish Museum in New York, From the Margins: Lee Krasner and Norman Lewis, 1945-1952 presents the work of two important Abstract Expressionist painters, Lee Krasner and Norman Lewis. Through select paintings presented side by side, the exhibition imagines a conversation between the two artists, who struggled for recognition despite their exceptional talents and important contributions as participants in the Abstract Expressionist movement.

Marquand Books produced the exhibition catalogue for the show, published by the Jewish Museum and designed by Steven Schoenfelder. At ninety-six pages, the paperback catalogue presents sixty color illustrations alongside essays by Lisa Saltzman and Mia L. Bagneris. The cover and spine design features a subtle foil stamping in glossy black on black paper with the text foil stamped in silver and dark gray.

The exhibition runs September 12, 2014 through February 1, 2015. For more information on the exhibition, visit the Jewish Museum. To order a copy of the exhibition catalogue, visit Yale University Press.


Photography by Meghann Ney

The Magician in the Paper Hammer Gallery

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Marquand Books and Paper Hammer are pleased to announce the Seattle exhibition of The Magician, an epic graphic novel/book art object created by Chris Byrne, co-designed by Scott Newton, and produced by Marquand Books and Paper Hammer Studios. The show will be on view in the in the Paper Hammer gallery September 4 through 30. An opening reception with the artist will be held on Thursday, September 4, 2014, from 5:00–7:00 p.m.

Chris Byrne began this project over a decade ago “with the simple idea of creating a comic character who performs tricks (visual puns) without using words or captions.” Byrne only started to visualize The Magician as a finished piece after meeting with Ed Marquand and discussing how the Paper Hammer Studios could present Byrne’s narrative. The result is an enigmatic box of wonders housing a dozen separate publications, printed and hand bound using a variety of techniques at the Paper Hammer Studios in Tieton.

The Magician comes to Seattle for the first time after showings at the Oxford Fine Press Book Fair in Oxford, England, the New York Antiquarian Book Fair, The Reading Room in Dallas, and Fundacion Pasaje 865 in Buenos Aires. Copies have already been purchased for inclusion in Columbia University’s Rare Book Collection as well as New York’s Visual Arts Library. The Magician is published by Marquand Books in an edition of twenty with five artist’s proofs. 


Photos courtesy of Kevin Marple and Mike Morgan

Modern Ink: The Art of Qi Baishi

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Marquand Books has teamed up with the Mozhai Foundation to produce a series of monographs focusing on major Chinese ink painters who worked between the mid-1800s and the Cultural Revolution of 1966. The greatest artists of this period reinvented the time-honored modes of ink painting and revitalized traditional art techniques. The first book in the series, Modern Ink: The Art of Qi Baishi, will be released in September.

Born into a poor farming family in 1864, Qi Baishi rose to fame during China’s century of civil strife. His work used a distinctly modern art language to transform elite brush painting into a universal art form appreciated by people of all social backgrounds. The Mozhai Foundation recently sponsored an exhibition of Qi Baishi’s work at San Francisco’s Asian Art Museum.

Modern Ink: The Art of Qi Baishi was produced by Marquand Books and designed by John Hubbard. The 144-page monograph includes essays by series editor Britta Erickson, Mozhai Foundation advisor Craig L. Yee, and the late scholar Jung Ying Tsao, accompanied by 109 color illustrations. The book is published in association with the Mozhai Foundation and the University of Hawai’i Press.

The Mozhai Foundation was created to broaden public awareness and appreciation of traditional Chinese art. Forthcoming monographs in the Modern Ink series include catalogues of the work of artists Xugu and Wu Changshi.

For information on preordering copies of Modern Ink: The Art of Qi Baishi, visit the University of Hawai’i Press.


Photography by Jeremy Linden

Arts and Crafts Furniture and Metalwork from the Two Red Roses Foundation

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The Two Red Roses Foundation is a private, nonprofit educational institution dedicated to promoting an understanding of the American Arts and Crafts movement. The Foundation’s collection boasts more than 1,300 rare objects made between 1900 and 1930, gifted through the charitable endowment of Two Red Roses founder Rudy Ciccarello. These works will soon be displayed in the Museum of the American Arts and Crafts Movement, currently under construction and due to open in early 2017 in St. Petersburg, Florida. In anticipation of the opening of this museum, the Two Red Roses Foundation has been working with Marquand Books to produce a series of catalogues devoted to the collection. The first, “These Humbler Metals”: American Arts and Crafts Metalwork from the Two Red Roses Foundation, was published earlier this year and the second in the series, “So Various Are the Forms it Assumes”: American Arts and Crafts Furniture from the Two Red Roses Foundation, has just been released. 

The Arts and Crafts movement in America was governed by the belief that traditional craftsmanship could ennoble a society overcome by rampant industrialization. The artisan craftspeople of the Arts and Crafts movement aimed to transform utilitarian objects into beautiful works of art.

Arts and Crafts Metalwork profiles the work of eleven designers and craftsmen, including Gustav Stickley and the Roycrofters, who brought the design aesthetic of the Arts and Crafts movement to vases, bowls, bookends, and candlesticks. The 280-page catalogue features over 260 images with essays by David Cathers, Jonathan Clancy, and Susan J. Montgomery.

The 328-page Arts and Crafts Furniture celebrates some of the most important furniture designers and makers from the era, including the Stickley Brothers, Charles Rohlfs, the Byrdcliffe colony, and many others. These visionaries believed everyday furniture like desks, chairs, tables, even pianos, should be works of art in themselves. The catalogue includes 240 images with essays from David Cathers, Susan J. Montgomery, and Sarah Sik.

Both titles were designed by Susan E. Kelly, Ryan Polich, and Jeff Wincapaw and produced by Marquand Books.  

To learn more about the Two Red Roses Foundation and the Museum of the American Arts and Crafts Movement, and to purchase copies of the catalogues, visit their website



Photography by Jeremy Linden

American Metal

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American Metal, on display at the Corcoran Gallery of Art in Washington, DC, presents a retrospective survey of the art of metalsmith Albert Paley. The show spans his nearly fifty-year career, presenting works ranging from jewelry to massive public sculptures.

Marquand Books produced the exhibition catalogue, American Metal: The Art of Albert Paley, published by the Corcoran Gallery of Art. The catalogue features works from the exhibition alongside two essays, one by curator Eric Turner and the other by former Corcoran director and president Paul Greenhalgh.

The catalogue provided a unique opportunity for Marquand Books to produce a book entirely in house. Designed by Ryan Polich, the book was then digitally printed in our Seattle office and sent to Paper Hammer Studios in Tieton, Washington, where it was bound and trimmed. The cover of the book, which features copper letterpress printing in the silhouette of one of Paley’s works and white foil stamped text, was also created at the bindery.

American Metal: The Art of Albert Paley is on view through September 28, 2014. For more information about the exhibition, visit the Corcoran Gallery of Art.


Photography by Meghann Ney

50 Years of Seattle Opera

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The Seattle Opera is preparing to celebrate its 50th Anniversary season. Events kick off with the International Wagner Competition on Thursday, August 7. On Saturday, August 9, the Opera hosts a concert and gala to honor General Director Speight Jenkins’s thirty-year tenure. Anniversary events continue throughout the fall season and include a Jester’s Ball on January 11 at McCaw Hall.

Fifty Years of Seattle Opera documents the history of the Seattle Opera and was published to mark its golden anniversary. Produced by Marquand Books, the 176-page book was designed by Annabelle Gould and written by writer and composer Melinda Bargreen. The book features archival materials from the Opera, including seventy-five color and twenty-five black-and-white photographs.

For more information about upcoming anniversary events and to purchase a copy of the book, visit the Seattle Opera.



photography by Jeremy Linden

John Buck

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The Greg Kucera Gallery in Seattle is currently showing works by the sculptor and printmaker John Buck in the exhibition Kinetic Sculptures, Prints, and Carved Wood Panels. Carved wood panels, moving sculptures, and large, colorful prints fill the gallery. Buck has been exploring wood, bronze, glass, and printmaking for more than thirty years. He lives and works in Montana and Hawaii with his wife, artist Deborah Butterfield.

Buck’s current exhibition is accompanied by the publication of the book John Buck. The 200-page book includes essays by Linda Tesner, Kenneth B. Wells, and John Yau and features 250 full-color illustrations. Published by Marquand Books and designed by Jeff Wincapaw, John Buck concentrates on the range of the artist’s work and reveals the underpinnings of his creative process.

Kinetic Sculptures, Prints, and Carved Wood Prints is on view through August 23. For more information about the exhibition, visit the Greg Kucera Gallery.To pre-order a copy of John Buck, visit D.A.P.



photography by Jeremy Linden

Design Wall

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This summer, our design wall is covered in the bright colors and striking images of books to come. 



photography by Jeremy Linden

Self-Taught Genius

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Currently on display at the American Folk Art Museum, the exhibition Self-Taught Genius: Treasures from the American Folk Art Museum showcases one hundred works from the museum’s permanent collection. Presenting a wide variety of objects—quilts, drawings, ceramics, handmade books, and furniture—the show considers the nature of artistic creativity and challenges our understanding of what it is to be “self-taught”.

Marquand Books produced the 296-page exhibition catalogue, designed by John Hubbard. Alongside 154 illustrations, the book features two curatorial essays by Stacy C. Hollander and Dr. Valerie Rousseau, with a foreword by the museum’s director, the Honorable Anne-Imelda Radice.

The show is on display in New York through August 17, 2014, and then travels around the country through 2017. To learn more about the exhibition and find out when it will be coming to a city near you, visit the American Folk Art Museum. To order a copy of the catalogue, visit the museum’s online store.




photography by Jeremy Linden

Surf Craft

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This week, the Mingei International Museum in San Diego opens Surf Craft: Design and the Culture of Board Riding. The exhibition explores the evolution of surf craft and culture. Featuring surfboards made from the 1940s to today, Surf Craft celebrates the history and functional artistry of board design.

The exhibition’s catalogue was produced by Marquand Books and designed by Zach Hooker. MIT Press is distributing Surf Craft, which is also the cover for their Fall 2014 catalogue. The book includes 150 full-color illustrations. Richard Kenvin’s essays reflect on the trajectory of surf craft and the influences that shaped post-war American board design—from Hawaii’s ancient alaia boards to the strange and wonderful surf bathing boards found in Africa, Japan, and England.

To learn more about the exhibition, visit the Mingei International Museum. To purchase a copy of Surf Craft, visit MIT Press.



photography by Jeremy Linden

Modernism in the Pacific Northwest

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The Seattle Art Museum’s upcoming exhibition Modernism in the Pacific Northwest: The Mythic and Mystical, features a group of Northwestern artists who gained international recognition as the Northwest School of modern art in the late 1930s and ’40s. Reacting to strong influences from New York and Europe, the work was marked by their unique position within the Northwest’s mix of Native American and Asian traditions. Seeking to respond to the global events occurring around them, the Northwest School incorporated spiritual tenets from eastern and native religions and forms from Asian calligraphy, bringing these regional artists to the attention of the world.

Marquand Books produced the exhibition catalogue, designed by John Hubbard and published by the Seattle Art Museum in association with the University of Washington Press. At 104 pages, with seventy full-color illustrations and text by Patricia Junker, the Ann M. Barwick curator of American Art at the Seattle Art Museum, Modernism in the Pacific Northwest is the first major study of this material, drawing on the Seattle Art Museum’s singular collection of these works.

Modernism in the Pacific Northwest opens June 19 and runs through September 7, 2014. To learn more about the exhibition, visit the Seattle Art Museum. To pre-order a copy of the book, visit the University of Washington Press.




Photography by Jeremy Linden 

Native American Basketry

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Antique Native American Basketry of Western North America: A Comprehensive Guide to Identification provides historic and artistic insight into the traditions and techniques of Native American basketry. Written by collector Alan Blaugrund and scholar John Kania, the book was created for Native basketry enthusiasts. It blends the work of anthropologists with the experience and research of the authors and provides a systematic approach to identifying basket types and materials.

Produced by Marquand Books and designed by Ryan Polich, Antique Native American Basketry of Western North America focuses on basketry “made for sale” between 1890 and 1930. The 312-page book features more than 180 full-color illustrations. Essays by Kania and Blaugrund illuminate the regional and cultural influences belonging to the various baskets. Photographs by Anthony Richardson celebrate the stunning artistry of these objects.

To learn more about the book, visit Coiled and Twined.



photography by Jeremy Linden

Position opening at Marquand Books

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Marquand Books is seeking an editorial assistant to aid our managing editor at the ground level of the editorial process.

This is a full-time, salaried position. It is an excellent opportunity to learn about publishing from the inside and gain valuable editorial staff experience.

Download the job description here

National Museum Publishing Seminar 2014

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We are excited to attend the 16th National Museum Publishing Seminar (NMPS) in Boston, June 12–14!  Ed Marquand, Creative Director; Adrian Lucia, Managing Director; Jeff Wincapaw, Design Director; and Melissa Duffes, Managing Editor, will represent the Marquand Books team.

NMPS brings together museums and publishers to discuss the developments, trends, and challenges that compose the current publishing landscape. To learn more about the seminar, visit NMPS on Facebook


Echo in Seattle

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Last week, the Marquand Books’s team took the afternoon to enjoy the Seattle sunshine and made the trek down to the fantastic Olympic Sculpture Park to see its latest acquisition: Echo by Catalan artist Jaume Plensa.

Installed just this month, Echo is a 46-foot-tall sculpture made of resin, steel, and marble dust. Originally commissioned and installed in 2011 at Madison Park in New York City, the work was then gifted to the Seattle Art Museum by the Barney A. Ebsworth Collection. The title of the piece comes from the Greek myth of the mountain nymph Echo, who offended the goddess Hera by holding her in conversation, and preventing Hera from spying on one of Zeus’s secret lovers. In frustration, Hera punished Echo by depriving her of speech except for the ability to repeat the last words of another.

With her eyes closed in silent listening or meditation, the face of Echo looks out over the Puget Sound in the direction of Mount Olympus, visible from both land and water. The elongation and abstraction of the head creates a surreal effect that is emphasized by the landscape of the sculpture park as viewers move along the pathways, Echo always visible, but constantly appearing to change with their shifting perspective. Gazing up at the monumental and serene face, the work invites us to join in a momentary pause.

We love living in a city that provides access to wonderful art in a beautiful environment and, yes, even sunshine!

To learn more about Echo and the sculpture park, visit the Olympic Sculpture Park. To learn more about the artist, visit Jaume Plensa

Photography by Jeremy Linden.

Beauty Reigns

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The McNay Art Museum’s upcoming exhibition Beauty Reigns: A Baroque Sensibility in Recent Painting, curated by René Barilleaux, explores trends towards optimism and exuberance in abstract painting. The works on view, made by thirteen emerging and mid-career artists, employ vivid color, layers, patterns, and motifs.

Marquand Books produced the exhibition catalogue, designed by Jeff Wincapaw. The book features a stunning jacket with multi-level embossing and pages edged with neon pink. Essays by Barilleaux, Stephen Westfall, and Lilly Wei, along with artist biographies, illuminate the varied aspects of the paintings and their creators. With more than 140 full-color illustrations, the 144-page book reflects the vitality of abstract painting today.

To learn more about the Beauty Reigns, visit the McNay Art Museum. To pre-order a copy of the book, visit D.A.P.




photography by Jeremy Linden

Susan King

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One of the pleasures of our work is that we often find ourselves in interesting corners of the art world. Recently, we’ve had the unique and exciting opportunity to find a project with an unknown artist whose unusual work and story touches and intrigues us profoundly.

Susan Te Kahurangi King is a 62-year-old New Zealand born artist who has not spoken since the age of four, but who has drawn prolifically throughout various periods of her life. Alongside Chris Byrne (The Magician), Marquand Books helped organize a booth for last week’s Outsider Art Fair in New York City to present King’s drawings. The drawings shown at the Fair were made during King’s childhood, between 1958 and 1963, and featured imagery uncommon in her larger body of work. Each of the drawings on view last week included the notable presence of Donald Duck. King integrates the cartoon character with abstract and imaginative scenes of landscapes, often deconstructed and reassembled in new combinations. 

We have been thrilled by the outstanding reception of her work since the Outsider Art Fair, including a wonderful review on Vulture by Jerry Saltz, Senior Art Critic for New York Magazine. In the article, Saltz argues that King’s work could be placed on museum walls next to Willem DeKooning, Roy Lichtenstein, Jim Nutt, and Carroll Dunham. It is an exciting moment as King’s work begins to reach a broader audience for the first time. We look forward to working with Chris Byrne and the family of Susan King to continue bringing this work to the world’s attention.

For more information about Susan Te Kahurangi King, visit her Facebook page.

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