Marquand Books develops, designs, and produces books with museums, artists, creative professionals, publishers, and collectors.


Our design process is highly collaborative and characterized by functionality, sensitivity, and intelligence. Working closely with our clients, we concentrate on the publication’s content along with its larger goals. Our method is informed by our experience but not confined by it—we value flexibility.

Production and Printing

Careful and precise pre-press and printing are critical components in our bookmaking process. Working closely with our designers, we ensure materials and printing techniques are tailored to each project. Color management for our books is provided through our pre-press partner I/O Color. We partner with a variety of premium printers who we have worked with for many years and who understand the demanding standards of art publishing.

Co-publishing and Distribution

We work on behalf of our clients to connect books to appropriate publishers and distributors, so their work is fully available to the book trade, museum shops, libraries, and online retailers. We have a strong relationship with every major art publisher, both academic and trade. Once a book is placed, we serve as liaison and guide between the publisher and our client.

Fine Press Editions and short-run digital projects

Our team is prepared and equipped to meet the needs of any project. Our partner studio in Tieton, Washington, can produce limited-edition books using the traditions of letterpress printing, artisan bookbinding, and more. Alternatively, we are adept at creating unique, quality publications within tight budgets and timelines by using local digital printing and production resources.    


We work with authors, curators, and editors to manage manuscripts from beginning to end. Our extensive experience with museum publications gives us a broad art historical background, which informs and sharpens our editorial work. We have a diverse stable of art history editors, professional typesetters, and skilled proofreaders and indexers who refine our clients' words to the highest standards.  

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For more information about our services or to discuss your creative project, please contact Gina Broze directly, or send us a message using the form.

We are a partner of I/O Color.

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